Patrick Air Force Base Address
Patrick AFB FL, 32925

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Patrick AFB


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Patrick Air Force Base

Brevard Country, Florida, United States is where the Patrick AFB, an important air force base, home to the 45th Space Wing, is located. The actual parcel for the base is between Satellite Beach and Cocoa Beach. Commanded by Brigadier General Susan J. Helms, it has the main purpose of providing the extra development the US need. In addition, they train troops in a very active way. In has been in use since 1950 and it was named after Major General Mason Patrick, one of the air power advocates of the 20th century.

Patrick AFB is also home to the Air Force Technical Applications Center, a training and development facility. As stated in a recent press conference, the main purpose of the base is to "assure access to the high frontier and to support global operations". The base's logo carefully reflects this, as it features the Earth and its natural satellite, the Moon, and there is a bond between them just as there is a bond between any Americans fighting for peace.

Patrick AFB is the only American military base which has technology for detecting nuclear threats. It has been very popularized for this in the press. It has also been in the news for Gen. Susan Helms' congratulations to the newest enlisted troops, on the 8th of November 2007. Patrick AFB does not have housing facilities and the local attractions are few but it's worth taking a chance on them.